Solar Marketing Tips: Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages


It happens all the time: A solar digital marketing company runs a successful marketing campaign, sits back and waits for the leads to pour in … but all they hear are crickets. The ad budget is reasonable, the target demographic is accurate and the creative is outstanding.

So, what went wrong?

Solar marketing ad campaigns also make the mistake of seeing the landing page as an afterthought rather than focusing on it. It’s easy to get users to press, but the true magic happens when they truly do something on the website.

Here are a few pointers on how to make a good landing page.

Address Any Issues

Pump the brakes for a second to bring the emphasis back on the client before you start bragging about how good your solar company is. Consider their problems and how you would be able to help them. Give them an instant value proposition that specifies precisely what’s in it for them (WIIFT).

Reduce the Number of Acts You Ask People to Take

The more you ask, the less likely they are to convert. Make a list of the actions your lead has to take to reach the page’s ideal result and strive to keep them as short as possible. Also, requiring a user to press a button to open a form will limit conversions.

Branding That Is Consistent

Is your ad’s experience compatible with your landing page’s experience? If customers are attracted to your ad, whether or not they are familiar with you, but then arrive at a landing page that does not click with them, you will likely lose them. Ensure that the consumer experience is consistent at all touchpoints.

Bounces Should Be Avoided at All Costs

Because people’s attention spans are limited, you can restrict the number of times they leave your website. Remove picture connections from homepages, for example, can be a discreet but powerful way to keep visitors browsing, posting and converting.

Requesting What You Want

While gathering data is necessary, a delicate balance must be struck. Potential buyers will become irritated and leave if you ask for too much detail upfront. Consider where this audience group is in the sales funnel when determining how much information they are willing to share.

Keep Track of Conversions

It’s time to let the leads roll in after you’ve nailed all of the landing page best practices. Be sure you’re keeping track of where the leads are coming from so you can repeat the momentum with your next plan.

The Call to Action Is Clearly Stated

What do you want people to do when they come to your website? It’s important to make it clear to website users what they need to do and how they can do it. “Call now,” “get the offer” and “schedule now” are several examples. Using a sense of urgency may be helpful, but be careful not to inquire too much; otherwise, someone can decide to worry about it later and never return.

We’re here to assist if your company has any concerns about an upcoming solar digital marketing campaign you’re launching.