Digital Marketing

We seamlessly integrate everything you need to promote your business online. Search Engine Marketing, Inbound Content Marketing and more.

How can you business benefit from our Digital Marketing Services?

Social Media Management

Ready to shine a light on your brand? It starts with understanding consumer behaviour, mastering communications all while monitoring metrics.

Email Marketing

No Matter what platform you’re using for your email and SMS marketing, Ellington Digital can help you create a campaign that will help you stand out.

Web & Graphic Design

We differentiate you from the rest of your industry by creating a strategic brand identity to help your business stand out from you competition, and help you translate your brand to the web seamlessly.

Communications & Public Relations

Our team can help you effectively communicate the important messages that impact your clients. We offer blogging, editing, copy writing and strategic media.

Analytics & Market Research

Stop guessing. Understand who your audience is, what they identify with, and why they’re interested in your content and website.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is no longer about optimizing your site for search engines. SEO is about optimizing your brand and presence across the internet.

Inbound Marketing

Tired of yelling at customers with untargeted ads and hard sell concepts? It’s time to start making customers come at you.


Our technical expertise and keen aesthetic sense allow us to produce high-quality videos, in line with your current marketing and branding efforts.

Ready for your business to make some online power moves?