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Do you want a strong online brand and sustainable lead source?

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While many solar companies know their industry inside and out, they sometimes do not realize they need to align their sales team with a proven digital marketing strategy. We understand this can create cracks in the sales funnel and limit success. Luckily, we have a solution! Pick us up and let us be your light on the path toward increased revenue. Ellumifi works with many solar companies to produce results and find shared success. The tested and proven strategy we use for the solar industry is below.

We generate passionate fans of your solar company through education and inspiring content.

Some Tools We Use.

Search Engine Optimization

Facebook Ads

Google AdWords

Lead Generation Website Tools

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Downloadable Education Guides

Social Media Marketing


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New Marketing Strategy Drives a 76% Increase in Revenue for Solar Pioneer.

Are you struggling to generate and convert digital marketing leads? In this downloadable guide, We share how a solar company embraced a digital strategy that produced unprecedented ROI.

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Solar Marketing Tips: Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages

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